Our Commitment

Passion, ethics and implication, to respect the singularity of each project.

Our origins. Created in 2007, Panacee is the brainchild of 2 communication enthusiasts, Chrystel Franco and Céline Hollinger. Chrystel and Céline first worked together in Viking communications consulting agency – a leading agency on the life sciences market in Rhône-Alpes.

Considering the evolution and growing expectations of the market, they decided to create an agency of their own in order to support their clients on the long run.

Our challenge. To understand the concerns of the stakeholders in the healthcare market, to rise up to the complex challenges of the life sciences sector and to commit to them in order to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Our vision. To promote diversity in terms of experience, knowledge and ideas, to give meaning to every step of the communication process and bring back together development and quality, competence and innovation, growth and sustainability.