Advice to write a perfect web article

Advice to write a perfect web article

It is useless to spend too much time to write an article if the latter is not interesting for your target group and if your target group doesn’t find it on Google. So, there are some rules to follow when you write a web article : think about your reader (interest, catch, be understanding and ergonomic), but also to the search engines (be referenced!). 

General principle: the inverted pyramid

To be attractive and make the reading easier, better to start with the main information and progressively go into detail. This enables the reader to quickly understand the article subject and go further if he finds it interesting.

This principle is valid for an article, with the lead which summarizes the article and the paragraphs to develop the ideas. But this is also valid for a website: the home gives us a summary, an overview of the website and behind, the pages are here to develop the ideas.

Tips to perfectly build your articles

Below you will find in the infography some advice about the content and form so… it’s all yours!

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