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Panacee is a communication agency specialized in the health industry and medical innovation. We support key stakeholders of life sciences companies along with their strategy and communication tools: pharma, biotech, medtech, health authorities, healthcare facilities, patient associations.

Advice to write a perfect web article

Advice to write a perfect web article

It is useless to spend too much time to write an article if the latter is not interesting for your target group and if your target group doesn’t find it on Google. So, there are some rules to follow when you write a web article : think about your reader (interest, catch, be understanding and ergonomic), but also to the search engines (be referenced!).

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Digital innovation in hospitals : Panacee contributes to Quarness’ development

Digital innovation in hospitals : Panacee contributes to Quarness’ development Today, hospital staff need to access information several times a day, loosing precious time to go where the paper files are stored. If these documents were to follow professionals on their visits to patients, they would to a bulk more on the trays nurses carry or push all day. With Quarness, hospital staff access all these informations, wherever they are, whenever they need it, thanks to applications on their tablets or smartphones. In that context, Panacee created an entertaining and didactic video for...

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2015 creative trends

2015 creative trends

Created by the famous Shutterstock image bank, please discover infographic that presents 2015 creative trends, using insights from their collection. Flat design, blurred backgrounds, geometric design, so many styles on the rides in 2015. Discover dynamic...

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Creative, connected communication


A long-term commitment with key stakeholders of the healthcare market

Biotech specialized in immune diseases

Start-up specialized in numerical imaging analysis

Phamaceutical Dermatology Laboratory

Health Establishments

Centre Hospitalier Albertville Moûtiers

Cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

Infectiology Biopharma

Biopharma specialized in specific polyclonal antibodies

Infectious Disease Control : Research and Projects

Hospital Medical Devices

Biotech specialized in immunology

Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Digital solutions for pharmaceutical industry clinical trials

Pharmaceutical Corporation

Veterinary Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Corporation

World Health Organisation

Molecular Biology Biotech

Active Immunotherapy Biotech

Medical Device – Sleep Medecine & Ventilation

  • Alma Biotherapeutics
  • Biocellvia
  • Bioderma
  • Capio
  • Centre Hospitalier Albertville Moûtiers
  • ENYO Pharma
  • Fab’entech
  • Fondation Mérieux
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Imaxio
  • Juvise
  • Kayentis
  • Merck
  • Merial
  • Novartis
  • WHO
  • Promega
  • PDC Line Pharma
  • Resmed